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Grip Tape Back

To order your Skateboard Guitar, please fill out the form below and and we will reach out to you with a quote. The price of the guitar is $750.00 + tax, Shipping & Handling. Prices subject to change. Availability may become limited, therefore orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Please note, this is a musical instrument made to look like a skateboard. Please take care of your guitar.

  • DO NOT, jump on, Slam, Grind, Ollie, Heelflip, Kickflip, Nosegrind, Indy, Airwalk, Noseblunt, Slide, Backside Flip, Lipslide, or 360.
  • DO, feel free to shred at any time.
Limited Warranty: Your Skateboard Guitar® will be free of defects in workmanship and material for ninety days. Aarvark Ingenuity's warranty covers only defects which arise out of normal use and does not cover problems that are a result of improper care or modification. Aardvark Ingenuity shall repair or replace defective product upon inspection at their discretion.

Skateboard Guitar™ (with free hard shell case): $750

Skateboard Guitar™ with Custom Graphic (with free hard shell case): Call for pricing

The Skateboard Guitar™ has grip tape on the back just like any skateboard. If you wear $6,000 silk shirts you may opt for the "Softback Model". We use a black felt like material that is soft to the touch. To order, please specify Softback in the Comments section in the form.

Custom Grip Tape: Call for pricing

Hard Shell Case